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    Website design crop work urgently needed

    Website design crop work urgently needed

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    Project description:

    The job consists of creating a standalone WordPress hotel room reservation plugin that allows website admin to add new posts to custom post types such as rooms, promotions and age groups, and send completed reservations to a reservations post type. On the front end a booking engine will take info guests enter into a reservation form and use info from the post types to calculate simple nightly rates and apply promotions.


    Details on job below:


    • Shortcodes for displaying specific content such as:

    o Rooms

    o Promotions

    • I will provide the HTML that the shortcodes should output, and the wordpress theme that it should be tested on.

    • Single room template file that displays info about the room. I will provide the HTML for this page.

    • Custom theme options panel that will allow users to create and edit posts with theme custom post types:

    o Rooms

    o Promotions

    o Resorts?

    o Age groups (different age groups have different rates) 3 maximum age groups that can be made separate from adults. For instance 0 – 6, 7 – 15, 16 – 19. Everything else falls as an adult, and grapndparents can be enabled.

    o Rack rates (rates for rooms per date range)

    • Coupon function to simply deduct an amount from the total in the booking engine.

    • Where shortcodes output HTML, code should be designed to accept color changes of text, icons etc. through the custom theme options.

    • Regarding color in the theme options panel, there should be a primary color option and a secondary color option.

    • For fonts in the theme options panel, there should be a primary google font option and a secondary google font option.

    • Booking engine calculation process will be provided in it’s own document

    • Screenshot of how each post type metaboxes should be set up will be provided, and any instructions that go with that post type will be there as well.




    Notes on job:


    • We are creating a plugin that can be used on different themes. If I switch themes I should not lose the functionality of what the plugin is providing

    • Metaboxes are built on the [url removed, login to view] framework

    • Plugin name must not conflict with other plugins

    • jQuery must not be deactivated to use another version

    • Code should be validated. Treat this code as a starting point because more code/features will be added to the plugin as it is updated. Code should be organized. Code should be well commented and easily editable.

    • Rights to code in it’s entirety is the property of Anthony cha. You relinquish ownership and it is transferred to the contractor.

    • Each feature must be put in own file as much as possible to make code updating and modifying easier

    • Always use prefixes for post type names, functions etc.

    • Use wordpress multisite good practices such as:

    o Do not use hard coded table names when storing or retrieving information form the database: Use $wpdb->comments instead of wp_comments for example. Use $wpdb->prefix before plugin table names


    • To follow good wordpress plugin and code practices, follow the tips from this link: [url removed, login to view]

    some of the tips include:

    o Escape both input and outputs

    o Run theme check plugin

    o Check for php errors and warnings

    o Prefix everything so no conflicts

    o Conduct theme unit test

    o Properly include scripts and styles


    In the following video you get to see all the screens of the front end and backend.


    Watch this video as I give you more details on the front end:

    [url removed, login to view]


    I give you more info about the backend in this video:

    [url removed, login to view]


    Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP, Website Design, WordPress


    1. Initial security deposit is 35% of the project overall turn.

    2. Project completion period is 3 months and additional time will be executed once the project outcome. 


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